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Humble beginnings in 2002, and the drive to contribute positively towards the Sri Lankan economy set the stage for the birth of the family owned Melwire Group. Prior to Melwire making its presence felt, the local steel industry was dominated by BOI projects from foreign players. Since its inception, the company has not looked back. It has instead blazed its way through the competition to become Sri Lanka’s Number 1 steel manufacturer in terms of quality standards, technology and innovation, thus shaping the economy of Sri Lanka. Take away the success and the exponential growth of the company and you’ll see its true Sri Lankan origin.

Melwire, through its core values of continuous innovation, sustainability and quality commits to operate in a socially responsible manner, respecting well-being of its employees and the communities in which it operates. In addition to this, the company also takes a leading role in the industry in developing breakthrough technologies, raising the bar to the highest levels at which the competition can only marvel.

Our fully automated factory located in Ekala, Ja-Ela, spanning over 50 acres boats further growth potential after having successfully met stringent quality standards set forth by our clients since 2002. In addition to this, Melwire embarked on a development programme by establishing a second fully automated structural steel plant in order to cater to the nation’s rapid expansion initiatives. As market leaders in terms of continuous innovation, quality and quantity, it is only right that we spearhead Sri Lanka’s infrastructural development programmes and through the years we have delivered on that premise.


2012 will be a landmark year for the Melwire Group. A 3rd plant is set to be launched, further engraving the company’s place in the Sri Lankan economy. This plant will be fully equipped to manufacture the latest revolution in the steel industry – TMT bars. Also in the cards is a state of the art block mill, which will manufacture steel wire rods. At present, Sri Lanka’s requirement for wire rods is fulfilled totally via imports. With the launch of the block mill, Melwire once again establishes itself with yet another “first” in Sri Lanka’s economy by manufacturing wire rods locally and will be fully equipped to satisfy Sri Lanka’s total requirement for same.

Melwire’s legacy grew from its core business, Melwire Industries, which manufactures nail wire, galvanized wire and barbed wire, thus catering to a wide array of requirements set forth by infrastructure and construction developments. Our strength lies in how our group has diversified into different aspects of steel manufacturing to ensure that we are “on top of things” when it comes to steel.

Melwire Group, upon cementing its place as Sri Lanka’s best, launched Melwire Rolling in 2005. This strategic move resulted in the MELWA brand being stamped on an extended range of steel and rolled steel products.

Our continuous investment of resources into R&D, technology and human resources has enabled us to fulfill our quest to stay at the top of our industry as the only 100% Sri Lankan company.

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