18 Mar 2016
The Steel Industry: History and Hazards

The steel industry in the late 1850s has seen major changes since 1970. Due to the important role the steel industry plays in the overall economic and infrastructural development, steel is considered to be a very good indicator of a country’s economic improvement.   Ever since the turn of the millennium and the economic boom […]

02 Mar 2016
The Melwire group- the top steel manufacturers in Sri Lanka

The Melwire Steel Group is built on foundations of trust and is dedicated to manufacturing steel that complies with the highest quality while being the backbone for Sri Lanka’s development as well as for the thousands of customers island-wide. The company’s contribution to the country’s fundamental expansion plans as well as Sri Lanka’s domestic and […]

05 Aug 2015
MELWA – Independent Laboratory Test Reports

The MELWA brand is famous for its standard and it has also been accepted as well as supported by a number of individualistic labs and many organisations. Below are a couple of the independent laboratory test reports that were done.   The Testing of “MELWA” Brand Reinforcement Qst Bars (RB-500) Steel Bars (8mm to 32mm) […]

03 Aug 2015
Health and Safety in the Steel Industry

The steel industry has been historically a dangerous line of work to be a part of. It has been common right from the inception of this industry for accidents and health hazards to occur. With modern technology advancing the industry in recent years, these accidents and hazards should not be taking place as often. But […]