Having the right supplies is the key behind the success of any business and this is especially true for steel manufacturers in Sri Lanka who rely primarily on quality tools and materials to produce the best results. This can often go on to make the difference between being able to work effectively and having to endure reworks and production delays. So, how do you find the best steel suppliers in Sri Lanka? Below are a few important tips:




If a supplier takes a long time to deliver the tools and building materials you need, then meeting your own production timetables are going to be impossible. Getting the services of an unreliable supplier who does not deliver in time is not going to do your company any favors particularly during a crunch time when you’re pressed to complete a huge order. Finding reliable steel suppliers will ensure that you have consistent access to what you need and when you need it. Before choosing a supplier, look into their past history with other clients and read through their feedbacks. Consider other key factors such as the average waiting time for an order to be fulfilled and if they have a good record in meeting deadlines. If the delivery time of the supplier is quick, then you know that you could rely on that supplier for important orders without having to worry about delays.


ISO certifications


Another great way of identifying a reliable steel supplier is by checking their ISO certification. ISO certified companies have a reliable and proven system for introducing improvements in their production processes and for getting their work completed. Checking for a company’s ISO certification is very easy. If they are ISO certified, it would be made known in their products and if they do not have an ISO certification, it is better to steer clear of that company. Melwire Steel offers the best industry standards and is an ISO certified company, giving our clients the best assurance that our products are of the best quality.


Look into the quality of products


Before selecting a supplier, make sure that they do not provide substandard and poor quality materials and tools. Using poor quality materials can create a greater risk of damage to your manufacturing products and equipments. To ensure that this does not happen, look through the history of a steel supplier before choosing them. If the supplier is recognized for good quality products, then you can rest assured that they would offer reliable products.


Processing equipment


Having the right materials and tools can produce top-quality results and when choosing potential suppliers, see if the equipment they use to process materials are up to date. See if the supplier stills relies a lot on manual processing methods and if so, it would means that that supplier will have a hard time to consistently deliver timely results. On the other hand, advanced manufacturing tools will ensure that the work if quick and consistent so it is important to find a supplier who has the best tools for the job so you can handle all your production needs easily and on time.


Highly trained team of professionals


Even with an advanced and heavy automated production process, it is still important that the right professionals are employed to do the job. Motivated and trained workers who know exactly what they are doing can guarantee that the supplier delivers the best materials. It is also a very good idea to check the qualifications of the employees who work for the steel supplier and if they have the required qualifications, then you can rest assured that they are competent in helping you resolve any issues that you may have.


For years, Melwire has been on the forefront in the steel industry in Sri Lanka and has been consistently offering the best building materials. Melwire steel products have been trusted by every player in the local construction and steel industry.