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27 Feb 2017
Steel and its features – What makes steel the best material in the construction industry

Durability Properly constructed steel structures provide long-term durability. As far as steel durability goes, there are four main factors, namely- Corrosion resistance, Mold Resistance, Vermin Resistance, and Dimensional Stability. Corrosion Resistance: when steel structures are exposed to oxygen and water, it speeds up the corrosion process. To avoid that process, barrier coatings such as painting […]

07 Nov 2016
Top Mistakes to Evade When Building a New Home.

Bad organization and finances that are too minor could make way to some unmanageable, difficult and catastrophic errors. When you decide to construct a new home, you have to look at the home from various perspectives. You need to contemplate your present and future way of life. You have to take family organizing into thought […]

07 Nov 2016
The Top List of Things to Contemplate Prior to Building your Custom Home.

The custom home building procedure is no simple accomplishment, but it is a unique encounter. We want that encounter to be the best it could be. So, we built a large list to assist you to think about every tiny thing. The more informed and organised you are, the simpler the procedure could be. Happy […]

07 Nov 2016
Investing in Real Estate in Sri Lanka.

After the end of the war 7 years ago, Sri Lanka’s financial system has grown.  GDP expansion of 7% per annum has become usual. Building has expanded at double-digit prices and was 10.3% of GDP back in 2013. The IT/outsourcing firm is growing. Shangri-La, Moevenpick, and various other luxurious hotels have opened.   Tourist arrivals […]

24 Oct 2016
Sustainability in the Steel Industry

Sustainable development is intended to bring about a better quality of life for all people now and for the generations to come. It includes economic, environmental and social aspects in addition to comprising of stewardship which is using resources with careful management. As far as steel products are concerned, it helps in meeting a wide […]

15 Oct 2016
Steel and environmental sustainability

When it comes to environmental sustainability in the steel industry, it means taking responsible decisions and finding new ways to help alleviate negative impacts and increase positive impacts on the environment. Proficient use of resources and recycling and re-using them are essential for sustainable development.   For the steel industry, the impact of steel during […]

07 Jul 2016
Educative Workshop for Masons

Melwire Rolling (Pvt) is a solely Sri Lankan owned company and the company is fully committed to educate and train all individuals who are involved in the construction industry, including training on the application of technology used in the manufacturing process as well as the quality of reinforcement steel used in constructions.  Melwire also takes […]

07 Jul 2016
Advantages of steel construction

Steel is the most extensively used metal in the construction field and while steel is a material that has been used for commercial and industrial construction for many years, it still grows in importance as one of the best materials, particularly owing to its huge advantages in comparison to other building materials. Steel is one […]