Building today the cities

Of the future


To be the leading industrial group that has made a giant contribution to the Construction Industry infrastructure growth and technological advancement in Sri Lanka, with the MELWA Brand name being synonymous with quality, excellence, economy known as a household favorite, a trusted and dependable partner.


To stay committed to the Bench Mark Steel for the construction industry and infrastructure growth of Sri Lanka through constantly up-grading technology, quality standards, skills and high end equipment to be an invaluable partner in the transformation of Sri Lanka as a developed nation in the years to come.


We are proud to be an exponent in the change of Sri Lanka by supporting the foundation for Colombo’s transformation to a mega-city and to be an integral part of the exponential growth of the city, which continues to strengthen by the strength of MELWA steel products.


Our customer is our first priority.
Committed to delivering a top quality, a market competitive price and improved service, we are after 100% customer satisfaction and a superior customer experience.

Focus on Cost

Focusing on delivering products with premium quality at a competitive price, MELWA constantly seeks innovative solutions and new technologies to offer more and more affordability for our customers while maintaining the accepted standards of the products.

Environmental Stewardship

As an industry leader, MELWA believes that it’s our prime duty to contribute to the conservation of the environment of the Island while inspiring other businesses and individuals to perform their part in preserving nature.

Results and Accountability

‘Melwa’ is results oriented at all times. The Company’s results are based on the method that begins with the identification of its objectives and then moves on to strategically analyze the specific means of achieving those objectives and its goals. Focusing on its goals, ‘Melwa’ has grown from strength to strength and effectively elevated to be the market leader in the steel industry. The obligation of the company and its individuals is focused to account for its activities, accept responsibility for their achievements and continue to be the market leader.

Diversity & Inclusion

With a dedicated team comprised of members from every part of the world, we take pride in our multi-talented and highly qualified individuals who bring insight and expertise on to the table, aiming to deliver the best solutions for our customers. We truly believe that this unique combination of individuals and determination has been the secret behind MELWA’s exponential success.