Hoops Of Steel

When we see a building, we automatically assume it to be safe. But engineering wizards will tell you that the safety of a building depends mainly on its construction. Other dangers from within a building are secondary and it is imperative that a building ought to stand on its own when it comes to safety.

This is where the Melwire Rolling Private Ltd., a 100% Sri Lankan owned company, has long made a name for its quality steel products-products in keeping with international standards.

Located in Ekala, close to the Industrial Zone, Melwire’s Sales Director Colonel Mahindaratne Tennekoon said, “Almost all major construction companies use our products and our company was in fact established to look after the needs of the Sri Lankan market. We have attained supremacy in the market and we are technically the largest manufacturer of steel in the country.”
“We manufacture different types of steel rods to meet modern day market requirements and our manufacturing technology is the most advanced. Our sophisticated machinery gives you a high quality product,” said Tennekoon.

Awarded with SLS 375 and BS 4449 certification for their CTD twisted rods, Melwire maintaines the proper composition of material through latest computer systems.
“This is why we have reached the peak of international standards, leading us to achieve the ISO 9000 standards certification,” he said.

“We are proud to be the producer of a number one market product and it is a cause for celebration that today our products are being used in many major projects,” said Tennekoon.

And it is not just buildings to which Melwire has made inroads with their superior steel products, road development and other large scale projects have also been enriched with their products, so much so that they are a ‘household’ name among professionals and personnel engaged in this line of work.

Freely available in the local market, without the threat of ever being “out of stock” or suddenly being  “unfound,” Melwire’s products include CTD bars-10 mm to 32, MS rounds-10 mm to 25, Ms Flats and Angles, TMT Bars-10 mm to 32 and Ms Channels. These products are highly sought after.

And if these quality products are not enough, Melwire goes on to give plywood in sizes of 8, 12, 15 and 18 mm. These are available in three varieties-normal plywood, synthetic plywood (which can be used and reused nearly 12 times) and water proof plywood.
Melwire Products range is vast and varied. Melbrass gives us brass door locks, hinges, hot dipped galvanized wire (2, 2.5, 3,4,5 mm), Ms Coils, Nail wire (2, 2.5, 3,4,5,6 mm) and Ms Wire Rods.

In addition to these certified, high quality products, Melwire has also taken steps to educate people on new technology and  introduce TMT (Thermo mechanically treated) steel rods to the local market. These TMT steel rods are manufactured using advanced and sophisticated technology which are being used in the developed world.

Test results have proven that customers who have chosen this product will be benefited to a great degree-maximum anti rust effects, high durability, strength and flexibility are but the most important characteristics that stand out. Thus it is the intention of Melwire to manufacture all these products through the TMT process.
According to Tennekoon, Melwire Rolling has taken steps to introduce the production of their  TMT rods to engineers of government and private institutions and those involved in building construction.

In Sponsoring a workshop on Advances in Tall Buildings and Green Building  Technology organized by the Sri Lankan Structural Engineers Association, Melwire Rolling Pvt. Ltd. was also able to educate and make known a series of their products-especially Mel TMT Bars currently available in the market.

“Our products are manufactured using the most advanced technology and processing currently available. More pertinent is the fact they are ‘tailor made’ to suit local construction requirements, and yet conforms to all international standards,“he said.
Melwire’s Colombo office is located at Abdul Jabbar Mawatha, Colombo.