The SSEL (Society of Structural Engineers Sri Lanka), has organized the 2016 International Conclave to be held at Cinnamon Grand, Colombo, on the 22nd of November 2016. The theme for the event will be based on “Advances in building material and high performance façade for high rise buildings”. Being pioneers in the steel manufacturing industry in Sri Lanka, Melwire is proud to have joined hands with the SSEL as the main sponsor to the International Conclave event. Designed with the upcoming building developments in mind, we are confident that the conference will serve as the ideal platform for professionals in the construction industry. Moreover, the agenda of the conference is to unite the industry professionals under one roof and discuss on how high rise buildings in the country could be developed to meet the global standards and deliver quality structures.


The highlight of the conclave will be the eminent speakers, local architects and engineers who will grace the event and share their experience, knowledge, latest techniques and concepts that are followed around the world and how the Sri Lankan industry can match with international standards. The event will also serve to expand the knowledge regarding the present developments, innovations and technology of the Sri Lankan construction professionals. The speakers at the event will talk on various topics, covering the new concepts and technology that can help the country’s construction industry grow and help expand the development of Sri Lanka. The educational knowledge and experience shared by industry experts will cover various construction-related topics and will serve as a platform to spread knowledge and revitalize the synergy between engineers and architects. The inputs shared at the conference will prove to be essential for the industry professionals to develop their knowledge and creativity to cutting-edge limits. In addition, the event will also provide the opportunity to develop networking among professionals, suppliers, officials, contractors and investors who are actively involved in the construction industry. The event will be attended by engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, project management consultants, construction professionals and developers.


Melwa, the branded steel products from the Melwire Group, is the main sponsor of the event, is the market leader in the steel industry of Sri Lanka that has consistently set the best standards in the country with quality building materials ever since 2002.

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