Melwire Group of Sri Lanka – The Steel Giant with a Global Presence

Melwire Group is the undoubted leader in the steel industry in Sri Lanka. Carrying forward a legacy of 15 years, Melwire Group has several feathers of achievement in its hat. Established in 2002, Melwire Group is a family owned venture which has contributed largely in shaping the Sri Lankan economy. Before Melwire was established, the huge demand of steel in various industries was fulfilled by foreign organizations. The scenario changed after Melwire came into being. The company scaled to the heights of becoming number one in steel production with superior technical capabilities, high quality products and drive for excellence through constant innovation.

We have crushed any competition in Sri Lanka and moved forward aggressively armed with our core values of innovation, sustainability and quality commitment manifested through our superior products. Working only with the crème of technological experts, Melwire Group has also set a high benchmark for others to follow. With every project, we have raised the bar and challenged ourselves and others present in the industry. Melwire Group envisions becoming synonymous with innovation, best quality, and excellence in their field of operation. We wish to keep contributing in a major way to the infra structural development of our country and become a household name in terms of dependency. We have pledged to commit to maintaining high quality standards by using the latest technology and advanced skills to produce high end steel products.

Functioning under the Brand name of MELWA, we have 2 fully equipped factories in different locations in Sri Lanka among which Ekala, the one located in Ja-Ela is a sprawling complex of 50 acres. In order to meet the demands of rapid development, we decided to establish another plant in 2012 to propel the Sri Lankan economy forward. This plant is dedicated to manufacturing world class quality TMT bars and another art block mill which is in the pipeline will be dedicated to the manufacture of the latest steel wire rods to revolutionize the industry. This will resolve the problem of steel rod import in Sri Lanka making our country self sufficient.

Melwire Group can now proudly claim to be the pioneer of steel manufacturing in Sri Lanka with so many ‘firsts’. We have diversified to manufacturing other infrastructural units apart from bars which has made us a big player in steel and steel enabled manufacturing products. The world recognizes us with respect and we repay through our superlative products. Our diverse range of products includes:

We boast off not only our product quality but also of the fact that they are manufactured in Sri Lanka. Moreover, we have taken a step forward in the construction industry by adding interior solutions to our existing list. We have become a one stop solution for our clients in the construction industry.

One of the strongest features of Melwire Group is its strict quality adherence. We have a separate laboratory known as Melwire Rolling where our end products undergo the strictest quality tests to ensure the highest quality to our clients. Our QC team continuously monitors the process right from input and we use the state-of-the-art Atomic Spectrometer for chemical purposes and Universal Testing Machine for mechanical purposes to ensure MELWA products meet the highest quality principles. All our raw materials are acquired from the reputed ArcelorMittal International. Our efforts have been recognized with awards and certificates along with accolades from the industry experts and giants and also by our respectable clients.

Melwire Group not only emphasizes on quality and innovative products but also on shouldering our Social Responsibility. We took up the responsibility to sponsor the printing and distribution of brochures for the World Environment Day Event in 2013 which garnered participation of over 500 students. We are proud to have informed the nation about our rich natural resources and exclusive and diverse flora and fauna of our country. MELWA had also supported the Walk for Green Earth Campaign in the same year to raise social awareness regarding environmental preservation.

At Melwire Group we believe in moving forward with our fellow countrymen to place Sri Lanka as the world leader in steel production.